The first autonomous drive trolleybuses are already in Kremenchuk


For the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, a trolleybus will connect the right-bank and left-bank parts of Kremenchuk.

The first autonomous drive mode trolleybuses from Belarus arrived in Kremenchuk. The mayor of the city Vitaliy Maletsky reported about it on the page in FB. In the near future, after commissioning and test drive, the trolleybuses will start the routes. These trolleybuses will connect Kryukiv with the center of Kremenchuk. It is important that on the right bank they will be able to drive the entire route without connecting to the electric lines, and on the left – to connect to the wires and charge on the go.
In five years, we have replaced 40 trolleybuses in Kremenchuk, and another 8 will start operating the city routes in the near future. I am sure that now the residents of the Right Bank will appreciate the new comfortable European trolleybuses, which will work exactly on schedule with a fare of 2 hryvnia, – said Maletsky.